Bhagat Singh a revolutionary hero, a folk hero of Independence -
Bhagat Singh a revolutionary hero, a folk hero of Independence
Posted 14 Aug 2020 06:04 PM

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Bhagat Singh a revolutionary hero, a folk hero of Independence

Considered to be one of the most influential revolutionaries of the Indian independence movement, Bhagat Singh gave his life for this cause.

Today we celebrate this Independence because of supreme sacrifices of sons(Bhagat Singh and his associates) of the soil and we can count them and call them as revolutionary because they did not fear by giving their lives. We all have read enough about them in last more than 110 years and I do not want to recall your memory instead I want to put some of the facts on the agenda pertaining to their Sacrifices in getting us the Independence.

In 1929 to scare the Britishers a bomb was hurled in Assembly where a bill for Public Safety Act was being passed (by Britishers) by Bhagat Singh and his associates. Why the bomb was not intended to explode in the centre of Central assembly to cause causalities? we should understand that ideology of this NAUJAWAN BHARAT SABHA (YOUTH SOCIETY OF INDIA) founded by Bhagat Singh was to create enough scare on Britishers (no one was killed but there were few injuries though) to quit India, they never wanted to kill people for Independence, style and essence was different but goal was common with peace movement initiated by Gandhi ji and others.

Now comparing with Independent India and its present regime of youth we can see this young brigade intentionally cause damage to lives of our own countrymen and also damage the national property , what kind of ideology they are into rather what they want from Independent India? Though we have traveled so far from our Independence still we are not carrying forward the thinking of Bhagat Singh and many others like him who have fought fearlessly for free and better India, instead we are creating scare and insecurity for our generations to come as we can see how most of the youth who can afford foreign studies or immigration are fleeing from India in order to enjoy more freedom and security in other countries in pretext to settle in developed countries , basically they do not want to live here as the ideology and fear factor do not coincide with new generation.

In last about 75 years of Indian Independence, our political rulers could not get us in comparison with others even very small countries are far- far better in keeping their people particularly youth to achieve rather the youth of these countries contribute to their national building. We should retrospect ourselves and help in change the thinking process first of our leaders and then the youth of this Independent India so that generation to come can really enjoy the taste of independent India the seeds of which were sown by revolutionary Bhagat Singh and many others.

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