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What is Claustrophobia? All you need to know about this anxiety disorder
Posted 27 Aug 2020 05:17 PM


What is Claustrophobia? All you need to know about this anxiety disorder

New Delhi, 27-Aug-2020

Have you heard of the word �claustrophobia�? Basically, it is a form of anxiety disorder that causes an intense fear of confined spaces. One study suggests that up to 10 per cent of the wold�s population is affected by severe claustrophobia, however, only a few of these people get some kind of treatment. Meanwhile, Ankita Lokhande has slammed Rhea Chakraborty�s claim that late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was feeling claustrophobic on a flight to Europe. The word �claustrophobia� is derived from the Greek word �meaning �a closed-in place�. A report from PSYCOM, quoting Dr Bernard J Vittone, MD, founder and director of The National Center for the Treatment of Phobias, Anxiety and Depression, stated that claustrophobia is one of the most common psychiatric problems.

What are the symptoms of Claustrophobia?
Claustrophobia affects people differently, which means the anxiety can range from mild nervousness to a full-blown severe or panic attack. Being in or thinking about being in a confined space can trigger symtoms such as the following:
1. Shortness of breath
2. Fast heartbeat
3. Sweating and chills
4. Nausea
5. Shaking or trembling
6. Dizziness
7. Dry mouth
8. Chest tightness
9. Headache
10. Numbness
11. Choking sensation
12. Fear of harm or illness
13. Confusion or disorientation
14. Urge to use the bathroom

What causes claustrophobia?
This psychiatric problem is often caused by a traumatic event during childhood - such as being abused or bullied as a child. A person�s genes may also play a role in the development of the disorder. You�re more likely to suffer from claustrophobia if one of your parents has it. Research suggests that a defect of a gene called GPM6A may also have a role in claustrophobia. Claustrophobia can be triggered by many different situations or feelings. Any confined space can set off your fear such as:
1. Planes
2. Tunnels
3. Lifts
4. Revolving doors
5. Car washes
6. Bathroom stalls or changing rooms
7. Cars with automatic door locks
8. Subways
9. Public toilets

How is claustrophobia treated?
There are a variety of options that can successfully help treat claustrophobia. Treatment options for this disorder are:
1. Drug therapy
2. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
3. Exposure therapy
4. Virtual reality (VR)
5. Relaxation and visualization

A few strategies can help cope with claustrophobia:
1. Breathe slowly and deeply, counting to three on each breath
2. Stay where you are during a panic attack
3. Remind yourself that the frightening thoughts and feelings will pass
4. Visualise positive outcomes and images
5. Focus on something that is not threatening.
6. This type of anxiety disorder can be successfully treated and cured.
7. Join a yoga class or work out an exercise programme
8. Talk to your partner or family members and friends for support, which is key when trying to cope manage with anxiety and phobias.

With the right treatment and lifestyle, claustrophobia can be successfully treated and cured.

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