International Human Solidarity Day, 2020 -
International Human Solidarity Day, 2020
Posted 19 Dec 2020 01:09 PM



International Human Solidarity Day, 2020

December 19, 2020

The International Human Solidarity Day, observed on December 20, is an International annual unity day of the United Nations and its member states introduced by the General Assembly during the 2005 World Summit. It was established on December 22, 2005 by resolution 60/209.

Its main goal is to recognize the universal values of poor by making the associated countries aware of reducing poverty and to formulate its counter measures as signed by the independent states. IHSD is a part of World Solidarity Fund and United Nations Development Programme focused on to achieve goals set for worldwide poverty eradication.

International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated annually to basically highlight the importance of Unity in diversity. This day also reminds people to work together in fighting against poverty, hunger and disease.

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