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A more polluted 2021? As world steps out, so do the toxins
Posted 29 Dec 2020 11:23 AM


A more polluted 2021? As world steps out, so do the toxins


The start of a new year marks the commencement of new things. As the world welcomes 2021 and prepares for a new year, it leaves behind one of the most historical years- 2020. In the year 2020, the entire world started waging a war against coronavirus. Not only this, but the struggle to stay indoors and practice social distancing was another issue battled by the entire globe. As the world turns over a new leaf, new challenges await citizens. A major factor that was affected as a result of the pandemic was pollution. In the initial stages of the coronavirus outbreak, lockdowns were imposed in several countries. As a result, people were forced to stay indoors. As footfall on the roads decreased and people stayed confined to their homes, pollution levels reduced across the world. Due to reduced vehicular emissions, the level of air pollutants reduced. The same, however, is expected to surge as people start venturing out more often. Restaurants, hotels and resorts remained shut amid the pandemic, and as a result, there was a drastic fall in the number of wastes disposed of by them. From straws to fuel, little to no waste was produced by eateries and resorts. While the world gears up to accept the new normal, increased waste production must be taken into consideration as it will affect the overall pollution tally. Another important factor was the shutting down of industries. As per the Journal of Pollution Effects & Control, Industrial activities are a major source of air, water and land pollution, leading to illness and loss of life all over the world." Due to the pandemic, industries across the globe were shut down and the same led to a positive impact on the environment. With factories and workshops opening up, industrial pollution is another problem that needs to be tackled in 2021.

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