Sri Lanka is ready to welcome foreign tourists once more -
Sri Lanka is ready to welcome foreign tourists once more
Posted 19 Jan 2021 12:44 PM

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Sri Lanka is ready to welcome foreign tourists once more

After remaining shut for 10 months due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Sri Lanka is once again looking to welcome foreign tourists into the country, but not without some strict rules. Although the country has seen a significant number of cases of COVID-19 and related deaths, it is trying its very best to revive the tourism sector.

The country went through a rough patch since the Eastern bombings of 2019, and the pandemic in 2020. The decision to reopen amidst a surge in coronavirus cases is the outcome of a slump in its usually lucrative tourism sector. The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau has said that all measures are being taken to make holidays safe, and secure for visitors. In fact, the country did a trial run by welcoming 1700 Ukranian tourists last month. Presently, the England cricket team is in the country playing a two-Test series.

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, you are required to follow some strict protocols. Tourists can only stay in the 55 hotels across the country that have been designated. These hotels are off-limits to locals, except for staff. Of course, the main criteria for entering would be to show your COVID-19 negative test result, which should be a PCR test. The test should be a maximum of four days old before arrival. Also, you are required to undergo two more tests if you are staying for upto seven days, and three more tests in case your stay is extended more than a week.

Apart from this, you are required to give US$12 for insurance that will cover upto USD 50000 in medical costs for COVID-related cases. Also, you will be accompanied by officials to those designated tourist spots for the first two weeks. In case you are positive and asymptomatic, you are required to isolate yourself in your hotel rooms. Those showing symptoms will be taken to a hospital.

However, those travellers who have spent more than two weeks in Britain before wanting entrance into Sri Lanka will not be allowed to enter the country. Flights from the UK are likely to continue to remain banned.

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