Thinking of lifting weights in the gym -
Thinking of lifting weights in the gym
Posted 18 Jan 2023 01:04 PM


Date :- 18-01-2023
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There have been several cases of people joining the gym and ending up with a cardiac arrest. Several celebrities and young athletes, who are often a model of fitness for their fans, collapse during exercise due to a heart attack. While there are several underlying reasons for it, India Today spoke to Dr Prateek Chaudhary, Consultant, interventional cardiology, Asian Hospital, Pune, on whether or not a person should get a heart scan before joining a gym. For someone who has never done exercise or usually for mild intensity workouts then cardiac testing is not required. This includes activities like walking and brisk walking or swimming. Unless there are any comorbid conditions. A heart attack during exercise is usually due to the gradual buildup of calcified plaque in the arteries. This can grow and make the coronary arteries narrower, increasing the risk of heart attack since physical activity can put a strain on the heart.

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