Staff are sending registrations to the US event without the knowledge of the BFI -
Staff are sending registrations to the US event without the knowledge of the BFI
Posted 24 Aug 2023 04:34 PM


The Boxing Federation of India (BFI) has launched an internal investigation after one of its employees entered the team for a match in the United States without permission.
Suhail Pervez, who served as match director at the women's world championships in New Delhi earlier this year, sent seven names to USA Boxing's July tournament. However, the list only contained the names of two boxers, while the remaining five were the names of the support staff. Pervez was appointed as the trainer and his wife Anam Ruzma as the manager.

USA Boxing wrote to the BFI in June seeking confirmation, but the Indian federation never responded.
Although the team could not go, referee Kuldeep Sharma lodged a complaint with the BFI. Sharma claimed that the whole process was about getting a US visa.

"At the outset, we would like to clarify that the message sent to US Boxing is not an official communication from the Boxing Federation of India (BFI). It appears to have been sent by a BFI official," BFI told The Tribune.
"An internal investigation is already underway. We take such matters very seriously, as they may affect our organization," the statement said. Pervez, meanwhile, said entries were open for the championships and everyone knew the US organizers would email the BFI for confirmation.

"First of all, this complaint is presented by a person who has been trying to insult the union for some time, because his work is not done. Second, this training was self-financed, and if we couldn't manage the money, none of us went," Pervez said. "When my wife was appointed team leader, I wanted to take her with me because, as I said, the trip was self-financed. I wanted to go there and see their training centers and bring those ideas back," he added.

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