Governor inaugurates 9th Annual Contemporary Art Show-Concourse

Kashmiri Film on Mata Rup-Bhawani to release on June 28

Agencies Kashmiri Feature Film on Mata Shree Rup-Bhawani will be released on June 28 on the birthday of Mata Shree Rup Bhawani. In this regard, the final shot was taken at Mata Roop Bhawani Temple here on Tuesday by Athrot. The film on Mata Shree Rup Bhawani, written by Kanwal Peshin, a renowned writer, poet and actor, has been produced by Athrot and supported by SAST and Alcrobew and the shooting was held in J&K which finally came to conclusion with final shot at Roop Bhawani Temple. The concluding Bhajan was recorded at Shree Alakh Sahiba Trust Mata Shree Rup-Bhawani Temple Tirath Nagar, Talab Tillo Bohri Jammu, wherein Pooja was arranged by SAST headed by C.M Dhar in which large number of devotees participated. The film has been directed by Pradeep Pandita, Associate Director and Casting Director is Arvin Tickoo, Music is given by Ravi Bhan, Sets by Virji Sumbly and costumes by Bhoomi Human Welfare Society. In this film around 45 artists are performing which include in lead role Captain Mahraj Krishan Jotshi, Rohita Razdan, Meenal Peer, Dazy Bazaz, Jatinder Jotshi, Ajay Waguzari, Vinay Pandita, Rahul Pandita, Rahul Kilam, Ramesh Pandit, Abhimanyu Peshin, Sumita Bhat, Kosheen Bhat, Ayush, Vishal Raina, Sunny Bindroo, Sanjay Pandita, Sunita Bhat, Rinku Bhat, Arvin Tickoo, Kanwal Peshin, Anuj Kachroo, Suman Bhat, Puran Thusoo, Susheel, Avtar Hali, H.L Pandita, S Tikoo and Anjali.

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