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Digestion will keep you fit, when these small habits will count in lifestyle
Posted 15 Feb 2020 10:41 AM

Source : News18.com

If our stomach health is not right then it is difficult for us to stay healthy. Because we cannot live a healthy life if the stomach is not right. Let's know about some of the foods that we can eat and lead a healthy life.

1. Coarse Grains

After consuming many types of coarse grains, we get abundant fiber. Significantly, fiber helps to keep our digestive system right. Therefore, we must use maize, jowar, millet, barley, gram, etc. in our food. In addition, if we only eat wheat flour, then we have to keep in mind that the flour used at our house is slightly coarsely ground. If the dough does not thicken, our digestive power will be adversely affected.

2. Green Vegetables

Eating a variety of seasonal green vegetables provides all the necessary nutrients for the stomach. So include more and more seasonal green vegetables in your diet. They will keep the digestive system right. If the digestive system is correct, we can avoid various types of diseases.

3. Water intake

Irrespective of the weather, water should be consumed in sufficient quantity daily. When there is a lack of water in the body, various types of problems start to appear. Start your day in the morning by drinking a glass of water. After this, you can drink water even before taking a bath.

4. Morning is beautiful

If you have a pleasant morning then you will have a wonderful day. For this, it is necessary to walk at least four kilometers in the morning. A walk takes a sufficient amount of oxygen inside the body. This allows all body parts to do their work properly. If the body does not have sufficient oxygen supply, then all the organs will not be able to do their work smoothly.

5. Do not wear very tight clothes

If you have a habit of wearing very tight clothes, then change this habit. Health experts say that due to clothes sticking to the body, the skin has difficulty in breathing. Due to this, the risk of many diseases arises. Among them, stomach and skin problems are most common.

6. Eating less with hunger

Always eat less food than you are hungry. Because, if there is excess food in the internal organs of the body, then it will not get a chance to digest it. So no matter how tasty the food is. Always eat less than your appetite. At some time you must have realized how much we have problems due to overeating.

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