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Karnataka private colleges to ban students from using ChatGPT and other AI tools for college assignments
Posted 30 Jan 2023 04:48 PM

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Karnataka private colleges have begun a crackdown on ChatGPT and its usage for college assignments and other projects. Many private institutions have already banned students from using ChatGPT for their project work. Other artificial intelligence, AI Tools such as GitHub Co-pilot and Black Box have also been banned.
One of the first universities to issue the ban in Karnataka was RV University. Speaking to the media, officials from the university drafted a policy regarding the "fair use of AI Agents" on January 1, 2023. Amidst this ban, many universities in Bangalore have also begun to conduct a crackdown on students. These would include plagiarism checks, AI detection, and surprise checks As per reports, Bangalore's RV University has already informed students that in case faculty raises concerns regarding the originality of the submission of the assignment, the students would be asked to re-do the assignment. Dayananda Sagar University and the International Institute of Information Technology are also exploring ways to prevent students from depending on AI tools. The rise of ChatGPT has raised concerns regarding plagiarism, especially in schools. Many educational institutions have advised their students to not use the Open AI software for assignments and to submit it as original content. Whereas, other institutions have issued official notices for the same.
One of the first educational institutions to ban ChatGPT was in France. Sciences Po is amongst the top universities in France. With the rise of ChatGPT amongst students, the university sent an email to students informing them that using AI Based tools for their presentations and written work is prohibited. "Without transparent referencing, students are forbidden to use the software for the production of any written work or presentations, except for specific course purposes, with the supervision of a course leader," stated Sciences Po.

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