ICCR Jammu celebrates World Culture Day

Dogri play ‘Gatt’ staged

Agencies Balwant Thakur’s popular Dogri play ‘Gatt’ staged here on Sunday at Deewan-e-Aam, Mubarak Mandi, Jammu under Natrang’s weekly theatre series ‘Sunday Theatre’. Based on Krishna Chander’s famous Urdu classic short story ‘Khadda’ the play is a hard hitting satire on the decay of human values. Balwant Thakur has adapted it in such a contemporary manner that the audience instantly identifies itself with the play. It was a surprising theatrical treat for the people present at Mubarak Mandi who thoroughly enjoyed the performance and responded with repeated applauses at the satirical punches of the play. On the occasion, Natrang Director Balwant Thakur informed that Natrang with the objective of popularising this wonderful art form always endeavours to take theatre to the audience and today despite being the hottest day of the season the committed actors enthralled several hundred people. Natrang actors who acted in the play include Neeraj Kant as Neta, Mahikshit Singh as Aadmi, Mohammad Yaseen as Karamchari-1, Brijesh Avtaar Sharma as Karamchari-2, Gautam Kumar as Aashiq-1, Zeeshan Haider as Aashiq-2 and Foreigner, Manoj Kumar Lalotra as Sadhu, Goutam Sharma as Police Cop and Sushant Singh Charak as Chela. The show was coordinated and conducted by Subash Jamwal.

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